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ZEE Entertainment Faces Setback as Shares Plummet Amid Sony Deal Termination


ZEE Entertainment Faces Setback as Shares Plummet Amid Sony Deal Termination

In a significant turn of events, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEE) witnessed a sharp decline in its share value, plummeting by 30% in the wake of the termination of its deal with Sony. Brokers swiftly responded by slashing target prices on the stock, pushing ZEE shares to a 52-week low of Rs 162.25 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), down from a recent high of Rs 299.50 on December 12.

The termination of the Sony deal prompted broking firms to adopt a bearish stance on ZEE, with some cutting target prices by up to 50%. The market reaction was evident in the stock’s multiple lower circuits and high trading volumes. By midday, a staggering 10,52,31,549 ZEE shares, valued at Rs 1,761 crore, had changed hands, signaling a prevailing bearish sentiment.

In response to the development, ZEE issued a statement to the BSE, revealing that despite numerous good-faith deliberations, both ZEE and Culver Max, BEPL, under the terms of the MCA, failed to reach a consensus on pending conditions precedent. Punit Goenka, the MD & CEO of ZEE, expressed a willingness to step down in the interest of the merger.

Motilal Oswal downgraded the stock to ‘Neutral’ with a target of Rs 200, citing skepticism about the near-term recovery of ZEE’s earnings. The brokerage highlighted the uncertainty surrounding ZEE’s future path and the limited clarity on the long-term outlook of the business. CLSA also reduced its price target on ZEE to Rs 198 from Rs 300, anticipating increased competition with the reported merger of Reliance and Disney Star. The termination of the Sony merger led CLSA to downgrade ZEE to ‘Sell’ with a revised target of Rs 170 from Rs 340, emphasizing that if the Disney contract is honored, the target price may further drop to Rs 130.

Elara commented on the situation, stating that the breakdown in the Sony deal could trigger shareholder activism against ZEE’s management. Downgrading the stock to ‘Sell’ from ‘Buy’ due to weak competitive positioning and escalated corporate governance issues, Elara adjusted its target down to Rs 175 at 8 times Dec-25E SA broadcasting Ebitda, a significant decrease from Rs 315.

Emky Global weighed in on the matter, asserting that the termination might attract other potential suitors for ZEE and potentially lead to shareholder activism. Downgrading the stock to ‘Sell’ from ‘Buy’ due to competitive weaknesses and corporate governance concerns, Emky Global lowered its target to Rs 175 at 8 times Dec-25E SA broadcasting Ebitda, down from Rs 315.

The market’s reaction to the termination of the Sony deal underscores the challenges ZEE now faces. The sharp decline in share prices, coupled with uncertainties surrounding the company’s future path, has eroded investor confidence. The impact on ZEE’s earnings remains a key concern for market analysts, with many expressing doubt about a near-term recovery.

The termination has also triggered a reassessment of ZEE’s competitive positioning and corporate governance, leading to downgrades by major brokerages. The looming threat of intensified competition, particularly with the reported Reliance and Disney Star merger, adds another layer of uncertainty to ZEE’s outlook.

Investors are now closely monitoring the situation, with some hoping for potential deals or strategic partnerships that could provide a lifeline to ZEE’s valuation multiple. However, the overall sentiment remains cautious, with the market awaiting further clarity on ZEE’s strategic direction and potential partnerships in the wake of the failed Sony merger.

In conclusion, the recent developments have cast a shadow over ZEE Entertainment, leading to a significant downturn in its share value. The termination of the Sony deal has raised questions about the company’s future, prompting brokers to revise their target prices downward. The road ahead for ZEE is uncertain, and investors are treading cautiously as they await more information on the company’s strategic direction and potential partnerships.


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