Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration: Railways to Bring Lord Ram’s Ceremony to 9000 Screens Nationwide

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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration: Railways to Bring Lord Ram’s Ceremony to 9000 Screens Nationwide.

In an exciting development, the Indian Railways is gearing up to bring the live streaming of the Pranpratishtha ceremony of Lord Ram in Ayodhya to passengers across the country. This initiative aims to make the auspicious event accessible to a wide audience, as the entire nation eagerly awaits the historic moment.

The ceremony, set to take place on the 22nd, is not just a Pranpratishtha but a ‘punah pranpratishtha,’ according to Kinner Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi. She expressed her joy, stating, “It is a matter of fortune for us that we are all witnesses to Lord Ram being seated in his Darbar once again, and the entire city of Ayodhya is being decorated to mark this significant occasion.”

As the anticipation builds, voices from various quarters have joined the conversation. Renuka Chowdhury, a Congress leader, shared her thoughts on the BJP’s involvement in the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony. She emphasized, “As a Hindu, it’s so insulting to think that the BJP has any authority. They have no patent right over Hinduism. If the Shankaracharyas have advised not to conduct Pran Pratishtha in an incomplete temple, does that make them anti-national and anti-Hindu?”

The initiative by the Indian Railways to broadcast the ceremony on 9000 screens nationwide is a commendable effort to include people from all walks of life in this historic event. Passengers on trains across the country will now have the opportunity to witness and be a part of the Pranpratishtha ceremony, breaking barriers of distance and making the celebration more inclusive.

This move aligns with the spirit of unity and diversity, bringing people together in the celebration of a cultural and religious milestone. The live streaming on a vast number of screens reflects the importance of technology in bridging gaps and connecting people across the nation. It not only symbolizes progress but also emphasizes the significance of sharing cultural experiences on a grand scale.

As the nation prepares to witness the ‘punah pranpratishtha’ of Lord Ram, the initiative by the Indian Railways adds a new dimension to the celebration. The joyous occasion is no longer confined to the city of Ayodhya alone but extends its reach to the heartlands of the country, allowing people from various regions to partake in the cultural richness and significance of the event.

Kudos to the Indian Railways for recognizing the importance of making cultural and religious events accessible to a wider audience. The live streaming of the Pranpratishtha ceremony on such a massive scale is a testament to the commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that every citizen can share in the cultural tapestry that makes up the diverse fabric of India.

In conclusion, as the countdown to the ‘punah pranpratishtha’ ceremony continues, the Indian Railways’ initiative promises to make this historic event a memorable and shared experience for millions of people. The live streaming on 9000 screens nationwide is a step towards fostering unity, celebrating diversity, and ensuring that the cultural heritage of the nation is embraced by one and all.


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